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Using The Better Life Journal Will Be Your Secret "Unfair Advantage"

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Dean Graziosi (Creator of The Better Life Journal)

As a serial entrepreneur and thought leader for over 30 years, Dean has identified one of his biggest unfair advantages to his success (both business and personal) was a unique journaling process focused on results in a crazy busy world.

Dean realized at an early age that complicated day-planners and confusing mobile apps actually add complexity to your life rather than helping you attain the goals you desire.

And that's why over the past year Dean has obsessed on every detail to design the "Better Life Journal" and expose his "Outcome Journaling" system to allow you to create a productivity process you can use every day to ACTUALLY get the results you want.

As someone who started from nothing who has gone on to generate over a billion dollars with his brands and his companies, create a thriving family and be in better shape at 50 years old than he was at 20, Dean credits "Outcome Journaling" as one of his secret unfair advantages. An advantage he shares with you in The Better Life Journal.

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